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Tosha Wilson and Jacqui White are the co-creaters of The Laundry Cafe project. They were both born and raised in Evanston, IL and have a strong sense of belonging to the city. They want to bring a unique spin to doing laundry in Evanston, while bringing a community element to such an essential chore. The Laundry Cafe-Evanston will be where community meets necessity. 

Jacqui and Tosha are cousins and come from a very large family. They were two of three girls growing up on the block, while the other seven kids were boys, so having to be tough came early. Jacqui excelled at basketball and became a collegiate athlete while Tosha just admired her, but didn't quite become as great as her big cousin in that arena.  


Jacqui is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Criminal Justice. Tosha received her B.S. from Illinois State University where she majored in Communications and minored in Sociology. Tosha also received her Master's Degree in Children's Law and Policy from Loyola University School of Law in Chicago. 


They have 40 years of combined experience in law enforcement and have seen many tragic moments on the job. They have witnessed the worst in people during traumatic times and despite these moments, they recognize the goodness in people. There are so many great people in the world and so many more wonderful things to do to advance us as a society. They are ready for the challenge, but learned early that one should have to do it alone. We hope you support this endeavor. 

Tosha Wilson              

Jacqui White

What will The Laundry Cafe be?

Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere, while your laundry is washed.

TLC Evanston will be more than just a laundromat. We will be inside of a wellness hub called, "The Aux" located at 2223 Washington in Evanston, IL. The Aux is a commercial hub dedicated to healing, wellness and racial equity. A space for and by the community. 

On average people spend 2 hours in a laundromat. Now, imagine washing your clothes, sitting in a comfortable chair or sofa, using free Wi-Fi and having a cup of coffee. There will be extra space inside The Aux for Yoga, meditation, book readings, Human Libraries, and more family engagement. It will give such a mundane chore a special kind of vibe, that we all can enjoy.

A laundromat in a wellness hub? Yes!!! Clean laundry is essential to our well-being. Regular washing of clothes and bedding, helps to remove bacteria, dirt, bugs, and other irritants. Skin conditions can be contributed to how well our outer garments are maintained. Clean laundry is wellness!

Where will The Laundry Cafe be?

We will revitalize our community, one load at a time!

The Laundry Cafe will be located at 2223 Washington St in Evanston. The building is 16,000 square feet and has room for more love and more businesses to thrive. We have named that building The Aux. The Aux team searched for buildings in the historically Black neighborhood of Evanston. Many would consider that the 5th Ward, but we also know that Black historical locations also includes so many other places in Evanston, including Evanston's 2nd Ward. We have found a place to thrive in and surround our community with love, livability, laughter and laundry. 

When will The Laundry Cafe open?

The Laundry Cafe and it's partners will bring pride back to our village!

The Laundry Cafe is still in its infancy stages, but never underestimate the power of a hungry baby.  Our location has been found, we have raised 5.5. million dollars to date and we have about $2 million to go. $1.5 million will for equity ownership. We want people in our neighborhood and other neighborhoods to own a piece of this building, love on it as their own and protect the mission. Stay tuned for our Equity Launch.


We are in talks with our architects and our construction company at this time and we look to break ground later this year. You can visit on how to donate to this project. It's exciting to build on what the community wants and needs through entrepreneurship and innovation. These kinds of ideas take time, but time is on our side. Stay tuned. 

Why is The Laundry Cafe needed? 

Thriving Black businesses in Evanston is the key to a healthy community. 

Diversity, inclusivity and economic development have been sold to many people that have moved to the Evanston area. In the process, the Black community has lost its footprint on its middle class status and now struggle to remain in our historic communities. We want to bring more Black businesses into the fold and build our legacy back to a beautiful, plentiful and strong space. Thankfully we come from a community of many people that support this endeavor.


Services we plan to provide

We plan to provide the basic needs in laundry, but the community aspect is where so much of this business model will be different. We plan on a space for computers, book room for children's literacy programs, and a cafe that will be run by qualified individuals to bring you a small taste of home. 




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